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Hot Atlanta Housing Market

Last Thursday night I placed my house for sale on MLS and FMLS.  Within hours realtors were scheduling viewings of our home.  Today, four days later, I am sitting in a Dunkin Donuts shop waiting for showing #13 to end. People may have other opinions but I think the housing market, at least in our area, is heating […]


HOUSE FOR SALE.  That’s right.  Our house in Alpharetta is for sale.  We loved living here but it is time to depart and head back to the state of my birthplace.  New York here we come. Last Thursday night we signed a contract to sell our home.  We have listed the home through a local real estate […]

Weighing the Benefits of Seminary

by Matt Gille:  MatthewGille@Gmail.Com Who would have ever thought that I would be able to relate my business school experience to seminary?  The one thing I think about while I am studying at seminary is opportunity cost.  Opportunity cost is the physical and financial gains I could have received if I had not made my […]

Insights On Refugee Ministry

Last month I attended a refugee ministry conference that gave me much to consider.  I went into the meeting with several questions concerning work among refugees.  I was skeptical about the scope of this work but was really seeking answers to questions I had about refugee outreach as part of a larger work among internationals coming […]

Be Intentional About Sharing Your Faith

This is one story you have to hear!  On June 14th I flew to New Orleans for a national LoveLoud team meeting and to attend the Saturday block parties that NOBA churches were conducting that weekend.  As I was getting off the plane I tweeted that “I just shared my faith with the lady next […]

Crossover 2012 Is Almost Here!

The title says it all.  I am fairly excited that the New Orleans Crossover event is upon us.  This special outreach event is held annually to assist churches in reaching their city for Christ.  Events include Prayerwalking, Hospitality workers outreach, a concert, and block parties.  I will be involved in the prayerwalking event on Saturday […]

High Impact Luncheon in Houston

This Thursday, May 31st, I will be hosting a luncheon for missionaries at Houston’s First Baptist Church.  The church has graciously provided us a great place to meet just prior to the annual meeting of the Association of Christians Ministering to Internationals.  We will have lunch together, hear from Dr Stephen Trammell of Champion Forest […]

Give A Little Extra

         It is rare when I travel on the Atlanta Marta train and am not asked for a quarter or dollar bill.  When I first began to ride the train to the airport, I would not give anyone a handout…just like everyone else on the train.  I think we all pretty much felt like […]

The Return of Christ

Roadside ads said that Christ would return on May 12, 2011.  Now they are calling for October 21, 2011. How does this compare with Scripture?  What action, if any, will you take to prepare for that day.  If not for that day, for the day you meet your Maker?

Will Your Major Be Next?

Many schools are being forced to cut programs.  If this continues you may have many less choices of where to go to school for a given major.  The price could send you into orbit or back to changing your goals.  Take a look HERE.

Significance of Using the Internet in Your Ministry

Here is a quote from an article in USA Today, January 10, 2011 “For minorities, new ‘digital divide’ seen: But the reality has turned out much differently, says Peter Chow-White, an assistant communications professor at Simon Fraser University and co-author of the forthcoming anthology “Race After the Internet.” He says there is “absolutely” still a […]