Be Intentional About Sharing Your Faith

This is one story you have to hear!  On June 14th I flew to New Orleans for a national LoveLoud team meeting and to attend the Saturday block parties that NOBA churches were conducting that weekend.  As I was getting off the plane I tweeted that “I just shared my faith with the lady next to me.  I think I will do this again today.  You can too!”  There is something about intentionality which renews and focuses your daily activity.

When I went into the airport I went directly to the cafe by the Delta terminal.  They make and sell fantastic jelly stuffed beignets! I was joined by my co-worker Greg Finley.

After our snack and coffee, we joined my boss down in the luggage department (opps! I had lost him after deplaning so I thought he had gone on to the shuttles for downtown, my bad!) We decided the easiest and cheapest way to get downtown would be to ride a cab together.  I rode in the front seat with our cabbie Melba while Greg and Al rode in the back seat.

As soon as we got in the cab we began a friendly discussion with Melba about why we were in town and how important it is to know God.  She was very inquisitive about the personal-ness of our faith.  Her son had just begun to attend the ‘Celebration’ church which was located along our route.  During the trip Al, Greg, and I all shared our faith journey and how we trusted in Christ.  We were able to clearly articulate the steps one needs to understand in order to believe.  As I stood to step out of the cab, I asked Melba what she would do about Jesus and she told me to sit back down in the car where she prayed to repent and receive Christ.

There is no way we could have calculated our steps so that we would be in Melba’s cab yet the Lord perfectly arranged this meeting. I can say that I was not shocked that this happened but am truly impressed how the Lord works.  Too often I go about my day without anticipating that I will be encountering someone with the gospel.  On those days, I don’t usually encounter an opportunity to lead someone to Christ.  However, it seems that on the days I ready myself to share the Gospel, the door for that opens.  This is the point of this blog article, be intentional about sharing your faith and the Lord will make the connections happen.

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