Give A Little Extra


       It is rare when I travel on the Atlanta Marta train and am not asked for a quarter or dollar bill.  When I first began to ride the train to the airport, I would not give anyone a handout…just like everyone else on the train.  I think we all pretty much felt like they were moochers who would just buy booze or drugs.  Then one day I saw it differently.

One day a woman entered the train who was poorly dressed, had terrible body odor, and constantly mumbled.  Before me I saw a terribly poor woman begging for funds and it was obvious that she was mentally incompetent and tossed out on the street because few if anyone cared for her.  But rather than be repulsed by her, I got a sudden vision of the needs of this poor woman and every beggar I have seen after her.  These are people in need.  People who are mentally ill, have made terrible life decisions, have dysfunctional families, and are non-hirable to name a few things about them.  They may be seen as a drain on society, but they are people…made in the image of God.

Now I try to carry dollar bills with me on Marta and give them out as possible.  They may buy drugs or booze but they do have to eat sometime.  Next time you are on the train…share a dollar or two with someone in need.  You will never miss a few dollars but it may make all the difference in someone’s life.

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