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Offline to Online

So you have just had a friendly conversation with a stranger (well he used to be) at Starbucks.  The discussion went from talking about where you are from, where you studied, if you are a Red Sox or Yankee fan, and led right into a talk about spiritual things.  This conversation could advance into a […]

Coming Later This Week

1. How to host an international student for a meal in your home. 2.  New Book Suggestion: Almost Christian.

10 Ways to Become a Great Neighbor In Your Community!

It is not enough just to be a nice neighbor anymore.  Hey, everyone is glad that you are nice but anyone and everyone should be nice.  Have you ever read the book, “Good to Great”.  Wait, here is the real question, ‘do you bring VALUE to your neighborhood’?  That is, do you add something to […]

Email v Facebook

I recently heard this statement concerning this generations views of using email and facebook.  “Email is work while Facebook is leisure activity”.  Not bad.  What do you think?