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State Department Releases 2010 International Student Statistics

The number of mainland Chinese students on US college campuses rose 29.9%.  Take a look at the figures HERE.

International Student Figures Release

Watch on Monday the 15th as the US State Department releases the new international student and scholar school year figures for 2010.  Since 9/11 the State Department has implemented a stringent recording system call Sevis.  Upon arrival from their homeland, each international student must register with their college or university.   The State Department is […]

Coming Later This Week

1. How to host an international student for a meal in your home. 2.  New Book Suggestion: Almost Christian.

By The Numbers

Int’l Students in the US 2008/09 103,260 from India 98,235 from China, 29,001 from Taiwan, 8,286 from Hong Kong = 135,522 Chinese Students Here is the kicker: While we send missionaries into their countries, it is said that 7 out of 10 of these visiting students will never be invited into an American home.  Something […]