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5 Things To Address With Youth Ministry

Today, CNN (that is right, I read the bad guys site) posted a large article on their site about why teenagers turn away from their Christian upbringing.  In her new book, Almost Christian, Princeton Professor Kenda Creasy Dean concludes that we are being too shallow in instruction with our youth and not challenging enough to […]

ISM Rocks in Tampa

Today I received a call from Joseph Pardo.  Joseph is the USF director of the Friends of Internationals student ministry at USF. This is the ministry my wife Lynn and I founded in 1998. Joseph and his wife Daisy, along with their 3 preschoolers, have been serving well there for over 2 years.  They anticipate […]

Continue The Journey Together

Beginning at noon tomorrow (August 9th) the new WHY card site will be functioning at full throttle (at least that is what the IT people told me to expect).  The intent of this site is to give people the chance to continue their spiritual journey together by viewing stories of Christian college students and discussing  […]

How Do You Present The Gospel?

My friend David Proffitt of the Aletheia Church at USF in Tampa uses a four fold plan to share Christ with the people he meets.  Here it is: 1.  Make sure you CONNECT with the person you are speaking with.  That is, listen to people and see what concerns them, what they enjoy, etc.  Find […]

Seven Evangelistic Considerations For Every Christian

I recently asked some college students if they had ever led someone to Christ, start to finish.  Almost half a dozen of the fifty or so students in the room said that they had done this in their lives.  While we know that God opens the heart, we also know that people cannot believe without […]