Crossover 2012 Is Almost Here!

The title says it all.  I am fairly excited that the New Orleans Crossover event is upon us.  This special outreach event is held annually to assist churches in reaching their city for Christ.  Events include Prayerwalking, Hospitality workers outreach, a concert, and block parties.  I will be involved in the prayerwalking event on Saturday morning.  It is my ‘prayer’ that the Lord will us this in the city to open hearts.  New Orleans is the ‘murder capital’ of the U.S.  If history repeats itself (and we hope it does not), one in seventeen hundred residents will be shot to death this year.  This does not include the hundreds of residents who will be shot, beaten, or attacked yet not killed.  When you think of it, pray for the people of New Orleans.  Pray for their safety, pray for their mayor, police, and other first responders.  Pray for the schools and teachers.  Pray for those trapped in human trafficking.  Pray for churches to serve their communities well.  Pray for pastors to lead their churches well.  Pray for people to turn to Christ.

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