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Thoughts on Transitioning Students In Life

Last week at College Metro 2010 Louisville, Dr Timothy Paul Jones presented at a seminar on transitioning students from High School to Adulthood.  He shared 5 transitional thoughts that every church should consider.  Here they are: 1.   Re-Present Christian maturity as a desireable goal. 2.   Re-Envision teenage years as a Period of Preparation for maturity. 3.   […]

Reconsidering Life Stages

Leave a Comment about how your church handles this:  Last Friday,  Dr Timothy Paul Jones of SBTS spoke at College Metro on transitioning church youth from HS to college.  He made some great points!  Here is the first set of observations about how churches (unwittingly) may be viewing  their ministry to the various life stages. 1.  Churches […]

Something to be learned…

Watch out….I have a Toyota.  Yikes, so do many others!  Is it really safe to drive out there? CNN today said that the recent surge of Toyota recalls is making American consumers second guess the quality of ALL Japanese cars including the mighty Honda! So I got to thinking, could it be that when […]