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Fantastic Ice Cream

Publix grocers has an ice cream flavor called, Coffee Almond Fudge.  The name says it all.  Go buy some now but beware, although it has only 130 calories per serving…a serving is only 1/2 cup!

Living in the 4.0 Career

Don’t fail to read about the coming 4.0 Career HERE.   Below is a summary of ‘business psychologist and psychotherapist’ Douglas LeBier’s post on the Huffington Post. A. “The 1.0 career describes doing whatever kind of work enables you to survive.” B. “The 2.0 career is what most people define as “careerism:” Pursuing more power, […]

State Department Releases 2010 International Student Statistics

The number of mainland Chinese students on US college campuses rose 29.9%.  Take a look at the figures HERE.

International Student Figures Release

Watch on Monday the 15th as the US State Department releases the new international student and scholar school year figures for 2010.  Since 9/11 the State Department has implemented a stringent recording system call Sevis.  Upon arrival from their homeland, each international student must register with their college or university.   The State Department is […]