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Kindle and Kalvinist

Other than sounding like they go together, research does show that Calvinist prefer using a Kindle and don’t want it changed.  They like things black and white:)

The Life Book

The Gideons have finally done it and it is awesome.  The book of John in a translation other than the KJV.   They even used a newer translation, the Holman Christian Standard Version.   Wow!  Who would have ever thunk it. Writter Carl Blunt has created a masterpiece.  A creative introductory collage of thought just for students followed by a […]

By The Numbers

Int’l Students in the US 2008/09 103,260 from India 98,235 from China, 29,001 from Taiwan, 8,286 from Hong Kong = 135,522 Chinese Students Here is the kicker: While we send missionaries into their countries, it is said that 7 out of 10 of these visiting students will never be invited into an American home.  Something […]

Common Denominators

Have you looked at They are some of the largest publishers in the world.  I know we all think that everyone loves to expland our minds through reading but have you seen their highlighted adult reading list for March 2010?  Of the 31 featured books, 23 are basically travel guides.  Right in the middle of a […]

Anyone For Simple Math?

You ever notice how the typical church, and church planter, are always trying to find ways to reach new people in their community?  So what drives them?  A desire to fulfill the Great Commission or the need to overcome the financial shortfalls related to the recession.  If we are honest, probably a little of both. […]

Confident. Connected. Open To Change.

“But at the moment, fully 37% of 18- to 29-year-olds are unemployed or out of the workforce, the highest share among this age group in more than three decades.”

Understanding the Participatory News Consumer

Yes, it does really matter if you include web use in your ministry.

Do The Math

In The U.S. Today: Births 7,273 Deaths 4,849

Something to be learned…

Watch out….I have a Toyota.  Yikes, so do many others!  Is it really safe to drive out there? CNN today said that the recent surge of Toyota recalls is making American consumers second guess the quality of ALL Japanese cars including the mighty Honda! So I got to thinking, could it be that when […]