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Campus Ministry Blogathon

Watch for the Faith On Campus blogathon on November 2nd-4th.  Read “Revisiting The Great Commission On Campus” at

How Do You Present The Gospel?

My friend David Proffitt of the Aletheia Church at USF in Tampa uses a four fold plan to share Christ with the people he meets.  Here it is: 1.  Make sure you CONNECT with the person you are speaking with.  That is, listen to people and see what concerns them, what they enjoy, etc.  Find […]

The Life Book

The Gideons have finally done it and it is awesome.  The book of John in a translation other than the KJV.   They even used a newer translation, the Holman Christian Standard Version.   Wow!  Who would have ever thunk it. Writter Carl Blunt has created a masterpiece.  A creative introductory collage of thought just for students followed by a […]