HOUSE FOR SALE.  That’s right.  Our house in Alpharetta is for sale.  We loved living here but it is time to depart and head back to the state of my birthplace.  New York here we come.

Last Thursday night we signed a contract to sell our home.  We have listed the home through a local real estate firm. They are not a selling agent for us but just a listing company.  Back in 2006 we sold our home by ourselves in less than three months and think we can do the same here.  If a realtor brings a buyer, we will pay them a small commission.

Here are a few good reasons we believe we can sell our house.

1.  We did it once before without a problem.  How hard is it to look at a buyer and negotiate?  It is not!  We do this for cars and other things so why not a house.  The paperwork is not difficult to work through.  A contract, a check, a few disclosures and bingo.  Easy.

2. Most buyers find the house and then call a realtor to show it to them.  What a way to miss an opportunity to be more flexible in pricing!

3. The Internet makes it possible to present and disclose about your home.  Why have a buyer tour your home when it is not what they want.  Let them see it and even call you to discover if they want to take a look.  There are few reasons to have a third party involved!

4. As mentioned, anyone can now get listed on the real estate information sites.  Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, MLS, and FMLS are easy to list with.  They even sync information.  Just too easy.

5. We can make the ‘deal’ happen.  We won’t be stubborn, stupid, or slow.  Call, fax, and make an offer.

Take a look at the online listing:

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