About Me

img_6461My Site:

This is my personal blog.  Here I will write about human experience and in particular, about caring for people.  The world is a great place but it can also be hard so I want to write about helping people with the hard things in life.

My goal is to create a forum for people to reflect on the needs of others and to then do something about it.  With this in mind, I will write posts that spark interest, disclose information, and challenge people to move out…to do something now.

My Biography:

For most of my life I have been surrounded by tremendous people.  My parents were together for 64 years and my four siblings (I am the middle child) are fairly close to me.  This strong family foundation carried over into my adult life and helped me raise two great kids and maintain faithfulness to my wife Lynn of 35 years.  I was born in Upstate (less in your face) New York, raised in rural Maine, attended a boarding high school (it was fun), two different colleges in PA, and seminary in MI.  I have lived in 7 states and twice in 2 of them.  My father was the youngest papermaker union president (age 21) in the country.  I have been a papermaker, banker, property/casualty insurance agent, associate and senior pastor, missionary, university campus minister, denominational leader, and now executive pastor.  Life has been full and there is still lots more to come!

My Contact:

If you like this blog, visit my other site,  www.internationals.org.   I am on twtr, FB, and Linkedin all using my first and last name.   My email is: mark@marklydecker.com  I look forward to hearing from you!