Three Kings Day 2017

The first week of this year our church sent a team of six uniquely gifted people to work with our Dominican Partner, Benedicion Church, to host a 3 Kings Day outreach to their community.  Our goal was to help the church do something that they could not otherwise do by themselves.  During our time there we met with neighbors, the regional mayor and his staff, and church members.  It was a productive week.

When our team arrived in Santo Domingo we had a tough time getting our rental car and during our very long wait with Alamo, Pastor De los Santo had his car towed while waiting at the rental car desk with us!  Fortuneately it only cost $18 to retrieve his car from the impound lot.

We look forward to returning to the Villa Hermosa area of Santo Domingo very soon where we plan to rebuild a baseball field, build a new church plant, and share the gospel with the community.  Stay tuned.


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