Hot Atlanta Housing Market

Last Thursday night I placed my house for sale on MLS and FMLS.  Within hours realtors were scheduling viewings of our home.  Today, four days later, I am sitting in a Dunkin Donuts shop waiting for showing #13 to end.

People may have other opinions but I think the housing market, at least in our area, is heating up.  Here is why:

1.  There are very few high demand houses on the market.  Those houses are the ones that have 3+ bedrooms, a good neighborhood, and are fairly new with brick siding.  The brick siding really matters!

2.  People are moving here or have moved here.  This is a great place to live – newer community, lots of business HQ’s, safe, and open.

3.  The price is going up.  Demand drives prices and North Atlanta is not building enough houses to keep up with the move ins and they cannot build them for the selling price of a 10 year old home.  Builders are priced out and land is very limited for now developments.

Keep watching.  I am about to sell my house for a good price!   When I win, I am going to shout, I am going to Yankee Stadium!


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