Thoughts on Transitioning Students In Life

Last week at College Metro 2010 Louisville, Dr Timothy Paul Jones presented at a seminar on transitioning students from High School to Adulthood.  He shared 5 transitional thoughts that every church should consider.  Here they are:

1.   Re-Present Christian maturity as a desireable goal.

2.   Re-Envision teenage years as a Period of Preparation for maturity.

3.   Develop Benchmarks and Rites of Passage to assess and to celebrate movements toward maturity.

4.   Celebrate Marriage and Parenthood as God’s Normative design while viewing singleness in light of God’s providence and plan.  (boy this is really good and needs enlargement!  When do you think the last time teens heard their parents say…”wish we get to have more children or assist others with theirs.”)

5.   program so that college students develop Healthy Intergenerational Relationships.

Too bad the seminar had not been recorded but you can contact Dr Jones through

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