Reconsidering Life Stages

Leave a Comment about how your church handles this:  Last Friday,  Dr Timothy Paul Jones of SBTS spoke at College Metro on transitioning church youth from HS to college.  He made some great points!  Here is the first set of observations about how churches (unwittingly) may be viewing  their ministry to the various life stages.

1.  Churches view Children as a way to get and secure stable familes into the organization.

2.  Churches view Youth as a way to get and secure stable families into the congregation AND because of the idolatry of adolescense.

3.  Churches view Unmarried Adults as a way to retain and fulfill stabilization into the organization.

4.  Churches view Families as stable servants and givers to the organization.

5.  Churches view Older Adults as required toleration because they offer financial stablity to the organization.

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