Top 10 Ways to Use Social Media

The top 10 MUST ways to use your social media:

1.  Be prepared to alter and adjust with those who follow you.  Everything (well, almost everything) is changing….don’t resist what you cannot stop.  Be prepared to change what you are doing and how you are offering it.  Don’t be a a Pinto or Pacer….sorry, you gotta be a Boomer to get that one.

2.  Extend yourself through others.  Let others have the voice and input.  You won’t come up with one voice.   Multiple voices will speak into issues way beyond what you can…and they will give you AND themselves new perspectives.

3.  Try to get the influencers in on stuff.  You need respected voices to share your thoughts and concepts with others.  They speak more powerfully to an issue than you can.

4.  Never go to sleep on your media.  Stay up on it just as you would watch your favorite team on Monday Night Football.  Don’t add it to the end of your day….make it part of your day.

5.  Get input from everyone on your team at work and whoever else can share something with you.  Don’t be an island.  Listen for new and creative thinking as well as good old advice.

6.  Evolve.  Don’t stay static.  Don’t anticipate staying static.  Listen to other bloggers, tweets, FB and all sorts of media.  Stay fresh.

7.  Build lists.  Know who you are addressing.  Add info and people, constantly.  Find your way onto others lists.

8.  Get everyone in your organziation on board.  Not everyone appreciates the value of social media so prepare a research paper on it and get testimonies….online and live!

9.  Learn from your mistakes and correct them, quickly.  Not responding to negative comments will bury your influence.

10.  Anticipate growth.  Don’t expect to get everything overnight but do make a list toward where you are going and you can see where you have been.  Write that down….and where you have been.

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