ISM Rocks in Tampa

Today I received a call from Joseph Pardo.  Joseph is the USF director of the Friends of Internationals student ministry at USF. This is the ministry my wife Lynn and I founded in 1998. Joseph and his wife Daisy, along with their 3 preschoolers, have been serving well there for over 2 years.  They anticipate another great year and have gotten lots of help in their work.

This year, the Pardo’s were able to set up airport transportation for 98 incoming graduate students.  Each of these students will be greeted at the Tampa airport and assisted as they settle in to their new home at USF.  It all begins this week.  All of this is a prelude to lots of interaction with Americans, tons of personal assisting, and a great door to show international students what it means to be a Christian who loves the world that has come to our doorstep.

If you live in Tampa, call Joseph at 813-988-6500 to ask him how you can help.

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