How Do You Present The Gospel?

My friend David Proffitt of the Aletheia Church at USF in Tampa uses a four fold plan to share Christ with the people he meets.  Here it is:

1.  Make sure you CONNECT with the person you are speaking with.  That is, listen to people and see what concerns them, what they enjoy, etc.  Find out about them!

2.  While you are listening, discover what drives the values in their life.  This will give you an understanding of how to present the gospel.  In other words, discover and use the proper apologetic.  Answering peoples concerns in life is honest and shows integrity on your part.  People don’t trust in Christ when they don’t trust the messanger.

3.  Present the gospel.  It is easy to make friends and forget to share the most important message in the world…Jesus.  Everyone deserves to hear about redemption in Christ Jesus.

4.  Always, and I mean always, give a person a chance to say no.  People need an opportunity to qualify their relationship to God.  I have seen many people share their faith like it is a good idea rather than a something that needs to be accepted or rejected.  That is respectful to the person and the importance of this issue in their life.

That’s it.  People need to hear and deserve to hear from you.  Think relational encounters: Connect, Apologetic, Present, Ask.

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