Five Ways To Know God’s Will

It always amazes me that Christians have a difficult time discovering God’s will in matters in their lives.   I think there are three reasons they struggle with this.  The three include but are not limited to:

1.  They don’t seek God’s will or they seek it with such little effort.  If one has a big decision to make, what would make them think it would come through one prayer?

2.  They don’t read the Bible.  Those who know the Bible often know principles that will guide them in decision making.  I.e. “Whatever you do, do it to the glory of God.”  That principle would sure help lots of people in their dating relationships!

3.  Many cannot articulate their views on the Biblical concepts of creation, fall, redemption, and new creation.  If you don’t understand what God is doing in the world, then how will you make Godly decisions?

So, here is a good pattern for discovering God’s will:

1.  Pray.  Ask God for wisdom.  He says He will provide it.

2. Seek the will of God from what He says in the Bible.  God’s Word speaks very loudly.

3. Evaluate your gifts and assets.  Know what God has given you to be able to fulfill a decision you might be considering.  I.e.  If you cannot sing well, it is probably not God’s will for you to join the choir!

4. Ask the faith community for insight.  The Lord has given us one another to make good decisions.  Your own desires and insights can be misleading.

5.  Look for the providential hand of God.  The Lord will often make His will known through events, happenings, things, etc.  However, be aware that the world, the flesh, and the devil can mimic God’s activity so use all five of the above in seeking God’s will.


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