I Love Crossover

Crossover is almost here.  This annual event is conducted by Southern Baptists to reach into the heart of the city that hosts their Convention conference.  The event consists of assisting churches in the city as they reach out to their community through block parties, prayerwalking, and other acts of kindness as they relate to sharing the gospel of Christ.

Tomorrow I will visit with local leader Kay Bennett who is coordinating a prayerwalk for Crossover.  Kay and I are hoping to advance a strong emphasis on praying for those who are affected by human trafficking and other forms of oppression.  Human trafficking is a serious problem in cities with a strong conventioneering atmosphere.  The I-10 corridor and New Orleans are some of the highest places for human trafficking in the US.  Be in prayer for Kay as she helps lead us in addressing this tragic sinful plague on our society.

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