Living in the 4.0 Career

Don’t fail to read about the coming 4.0 Career HERE.   Below is a summary of ‘business psychologist and psychotherapist’ Douglas LeBier’s post on the Huffington Post.

A. “The 1.0 career describes doing whatever kind of work enables you to survive.”

B. “The 2.0 career is what most people define as “careerism:” Pursuing more power, authority, money and position within an organization. It’s all about performing — doing whatever gets you those external rewards.”

C. “The 3.0 career reflects a desire to find more personal meaning and sense of purpose through work.”

D. “The 4.0 careerist wants more than sufficient work-life balance and personal meaning. To be sure, those remain important. But the 4.0 career is more focused on having impact on something larger than oneself.”

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