Offline to Online

So you have just had a friendly conversation with a stranger (well he used to be) at Starbucks.  The discussion went from talking about where you are from, where you studied, if you are a Red Sox or Yankee fan, and led right into a talk about spiritual things.  This conversation could advance into a good friendship but you live in different cities, work different hours/days, and already have a very busy ‘life’ schedule.  What a great moment this has been for you to share your faith, too bad it is about to end…probably forever, but does it have to end that way?

Most people enjoy getting to share their faith in situations like the one above.   After all, they are often unexpected providential meetings that allow the gospel to be presented in a very positive manner.  So here is an idea.  Before ending the conversation, ask your new friend if you can keep this conversation going by setting up another time (physically or online) where you can talk.  Then, ask them to review an online site or two and ask them for their input.  Here are several sites you can ask them to review:

1.  If they have WHY questions and are millennials, have them go to and comment on the three short movies.  Since WHY is the biggest question in life, most people can relate to this.  This site’s contact page has a place where you can find out how to order some WHY cards to share.

2.  If they are in their 30’s-40’s suggest they go to and talk with you about what they heard.

3.  If they would be interested in the lives of prominent Christians, send them to for a large discussion.

There are quite a few other sites you can direct a friend to but the KEY is to share the site.  Listen, Share, Review.

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