USA TODAY & College Life

Several of this weeks USA Today papers had a couple of articles about college students.  They are summarized here:

1.  Freshman enrollment is up.  6% increase in 2008.  This indicates that enrollment is not being driven by unemployed people.   Also, 75 percent of this increase came from minorities.

2.  Some schools are granting admission to students who  do not have the proper SAT scores.  The school needs the bucks.  I believe there are some students who may not qualify per SAT but they may earn the grades with hard work, actually attending and listening in class, doing their homework, etc.  It will show up at graduation ceremonies.

3. Students are receiving student loans which they will never be able to repay.  The next ‘foreclosure’ issue.

4.  California colleges continue to be hammered with funding shortages BUT they are asking students to assist them with creative funding ideas.  One idea was to hold free classes lead by volunteer teachers.  These classes cannot issue class credit but they are well received and attended by traditional students.

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