Relationship Building OR Relational Encounters

Many people think that it takes a long time to build a good relationship but does it take a long time to build a relationship that matters?

A couple of weeks ago at KSU I met a student named Austin.   It was fun to meet him because he worked in the school bookstore which had one of the best displays of college t-shirts I have ever seen.  When I mentioned this to him, he told me that they had a lot of Wildcat stuff.  He also mentioned that they had the original Wildcat mascot head in the display case just down the hallway outside the store.

Austin took me to the mascot display and took my photo with the Wildcat head.  Pretty cool.  We then discussed how he enjoyed going to school there, his work, and his life.  He shared with me about his family, that he had just graduated from KSU, that he was considering graduate school, and that he thought alot about spiritual things.

We discussed spiritual things for a few minutes and I found out that he had attended quite a few Christian activities but had not taken a step of faith in Christ.  So I asked him, why not now?  He then said ‘yes’, so we sat down in a quite spot where he could commit his life to Christ through prayer.

All of this took place in less than 20 minutes.  Its all about relationships but I think they can be skillfully developed in a short period of time.  So, let’s think, talk, and pray about relational encounters.  What do you think?

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