Your Church Should Use USTREAM

Your probably thinking that since you don’t visit Ustream, others won’t either.  Your wrong.  Just like YouTube, millions of people are viewing things that don’t relate to you.  What this means is that you should use multiple means to send our your message, THE message.  Take a look at this simple country church that uses Ustream.  They even broadcast the organist practicing for Sunday’s service.  Why not?

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2 Responses to “Your Church Should Use USTREAM”

  1. Timothy Smith says:

    My church is just started to use USTREAM and we are haveing problems when we record we have video but no audio all I audio we use is comeing threw a sound machine. Our services when we try to look at it, it always freezes we need help the audio and video team needs some answers to fix the problem so we can start recording our church services.

  2. admin says:

    Tim, I am not sure what the deeper issue is there. Sounds like it has to be on your end otherwise the whole USTREAM system would have the prob. Glad to see you going after this. Do you have any social media ways you are announcing that this is available? If not, consider FB ads (really cheap), tweet it all the time….at least 3-4 times per day as very few tweets actually get read (Mashable says as few as 1.63%) and of course use email to all your members. Don’t forget to put this in ALL your printed materials too. Again, great to see you doing this!

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