Four Ways To Discern God’s Will

Contrary to public opinion, I don’t think it takes a brain surgeon to discern God’s will for your life.  Too often you hear of people who are”struggling” or at wits end with this issue.  Well, here are four things you can use, within the framework of prayer, to discern God’s will for your everyday life and future:

1. Ask yourself, “Does this matter have a Biblical basis?”.   God often spells things out, just look.

2. Ask yourself, “Is this matter in tune with the giftedness that God has endowed me with?”  Don’t do something that is not in your skillset (howbeit, sometimes we just need to be developed in areas too).

3. Ask yourself, “Do others confirm that this matter is right for me to be involved in?”  Your faith community should be able to confirm with you that your skillset, passion, and opportunity fit.  Other people may be wrong, but as a group in tune with God, they ought to be able to give you insight.

4. Ask yourwelf, “Is this matter providentially placed before me?”  The opportunities we become involved in should clearly show signs that God is in it.

Bottom Line:  Don’t miss out on doing something God has prepared for you!

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